It seems everyone is eager to get hump day over with. It is the middle of the week and is still too far for the weekend. And I got the email signal. I am off! Angel in kazakh


I receive the confirmation: I am going to Kiev!! An airplane part coming all the way from Miami needs to be delivered the next day…. read more

Elizabeth Edery

On Wednesday the 18th of September my phone goes around 20.00 o’clock. It’s Tal Haimovich. My new boss as we have just agreed that I will start working as an International Sales Consultant for Wings/Control Towers International (Cti). He asks whether I could pick up a package the next day in London and personally deliver … Continued


10:35 AM – Very, very excited!!. Omigoodness. Just accepted an assignment to deliver a package to Heriklion. I didn’t even know where that is other than in Greece. But of course I JUMPED at the chance. Good thing I know the exact location of my passport for trips like this…read more


Received the magical text, Oct 27.13 9:27 AM asking if I want to feel like going to Kuala Lumpur – WHAT!! Nothing like perfect timing as my roommates just left for their own personal trip to Canada and I was itching to do something… read more