• It seems everyone is eager to get hump day over with. It is the middle of the week and is still too far for the weekend. And I got the email signal. I am off! Angel in kazakh
  • I receive the confirmation: I am going to Kiev!! An airplane part coming all the way from Miami needs to be delivered the next day.... read more
  • On Wednesday the 18th of September my phone goes around 20.00 o’clock. It’s Tal Haimovich. My new boss as we have just agreed that I will start working as an International Sales Consultant for Wings/Control Towers International (Cti). He asks whether I could pick up a package the next day in London and personally deliver it in Tenerife... read more
    Elizabeth Edery
  • 10:35 AM - Very, very excited!!. Omigoodness. Just accepted an assignment to deliver a package to Heriklion. I didn’t even know where that is other than in Greece. But of course I JUMPED at the chance. Good thing I know the exact location of my passport for trips like this...read more
  • Received the magical text, Oct 27.13 9:27 AM asking if I want to feel like going to Kuala Lumpur - WHAT!! Nothing like perfect timing as my roommates just left for their own personal trip to Canada and I was itching to do something... read more